Wednesday, July 13, 2011

STEVAL-IPE012V1 Single-phase energy meter demonstration board using the STPM10 and STM8L15

The STEVAL-IPE012V1 demonstration board implements a single-phase energy meter based on the STPM metering IC and STM8L152 microcontroller. The demonstration board is a fully functional single-phase solution with parameter display, tamper management, maximum demand (MD) calculation, EEPROM data logging, and low power management.

Key Features
-   Accuracy: Class 1 with dynamic range 200:1
-   Nominal voltage: 240 V
-   Nominal current : 5 A (ITYP)
-   Maximum current: 45 A (IMAX)
-   Operating range: 0.6 VBATto 1.2 VBAT
-   Meter constant: 3200 impulses / KWh
-   Power frequency range: 45 Hz to 65 Hz
-   Sensor: primary side CT and secondary side shunt
-   Communication interface: IrDA
-   RoHS compliant


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